About Us


We created HomeAndTravelStock.com to help clients with their journey by providing excellent products to take when on the go, as well as interesting and useful products to use back home. With today's growing market, there are many products that are outdated by new listings every day. At HomeAndTravelStock.com we strive to maintain the most competitive and up to date products on the market.

About the owner:

I am a truck driver who proudly served 10 years in the Army National Guard and deployed to Afghanistan in 2021. I worked  as an owner operator driving Tanker trailer trucks and now work as a regional hazmat driver. 

What am I selling?

We offer a variety of at home and travel solutions to make the hustle and bustle of everyday life easier. If you're at home after a long day's work, you can count HomeAndTravelStock.com to help you find just what you need to relax, such as a foot massager. On the other hand, if you are traveling whether for work or leisure, you can check out our jewelry for a more elegant touch and electronic items that always come in handy. We also have products for pets (because we know how much joy they bring to us.)

Why am I selling?

As a truck driver who spends a lot of time on the road, I saw that there was a gap between supplies for comfort when on the road, and not having to waste my precious family time shopping for home goods. I believe we can help every customer meet their at home and on the go needs by providing convenient and affordable solutions.